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The assembly of the Petersime incubator of 8 million eggs for the Damate Group was successfully made in time
06 July 2015 | Company News
The South Ural Technical Control Systems (Ivelsy) has finished the assembly of the Petersime incubator of 8 million eggs for the Damate Group.
Garazh General-Purpose Lights Series
24 November 2014 | Company News

Detailed information about the series. Why Professionals choose the Ivelsy lights.

The Golden Autumn-2014 Exhibition
15 October 2014 | Company News
Several words about our participation in the exhibition Golden Autumn-2014, Moscow.
A new Ivelsy site dedicated to the general purpose lights has been put into action
18 September 2014 | Company News
A new site has been put into action and is dedicated to the general purpose lights.
The Ivelsy representatives have visited the conference in Belgorod
04 April 2014 | Company News

The conference “The Russian Agroholdings in Central Chernozemye” took place in Belgorod

A New Lighting System For Cage Keeping Of Laying Hen. A New Level Of Energy Efficiency of the Ivelsy Svedios
31 March 2014 | Company News
A New Lighting System For Cage with Outer Feeding-Trough 2014
The Pyatigorskselmash together with the Ivelsy fulfilled the first joint project
07 March 2014 | Company News
The introduction of a joint incubation project has been completed
AgroFarm-2014 Exhibition Report
12 February 2014 | Company News
The AgroFarm-2014 Exhibition has taken place in the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Moscow
The IVELSY company got the golden medal
14 November 2014 | Company News
V Voronezh Agricultural Forum in brief
The International Exhibition The Golden Autumn 2013 has taken place in Moscow
06 November 2013 | Company News
IVELSY continues to present string lighting systems at the VIV Russia Exhibition 2013


Cross-panel Ivelsy® AIPCS

Cross-panel Ivelsy® AIPCS-200 is made for connecting the sensors, feedback line, alarm signal line to the universal climate controller AIPCS UCC