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About us

  • Mission

We work to increase prosperity of our customers, increase effectiveness of technological processes, and implement resource economy strategies. We treat with care the company’s resources and reward our workers adequately.

  • Production of Electronic Devices and Systems Ivelsy®.

The South Ural Technical Control Systems LTD was founded in 1999. Starting the project of designing and producing electronic devices and systems Ivelsy® to organize an economic production we staked on the most up-to-date equipment and direct contacts with the producers of the components.

  • Delivery and Installation of Equipment for Poultry Farms on a Turnkey Basis

The decision to start a new direction – integrated delivery of equipment and construction on a turnkey basis – was made in 2006. The priority objects are poultry yards, incubators, slaughter shops. Our partners are Tekhna, Big Dutchman, Petersime, ChickMaster, Vostokpticemash, Pyatigorskselmash, Agrovent, etc., well-known producers of the poultry farms equipment in the market. Nowadays more and more clients charge us with large important reconstructions of their facilities.

  • Production of LED Lighting Systems for Poultry Farms

In 2010 our company started development and production of LED lighting systems for poultry farms.

Five reasons to work with us:

1. Quality Guaranteed

We offer a warranty to all our products. A three-year warranty is given on every type of Ivelsy® devices. Only the up-to-date equipment and secure quality of components make it possible for us to give such a grand warranty.

2. Better Choice of Systems

Every direction of our work suggests realization of the full product line Ivelsy®. Any customer with a need of equipment can get the most effective solution of his task making economically justified choice.

3. Delivery In Time

The Ivelsy® fitting and maintenance teams do not have week-ends and holidays as well as your poultry which must be delivered to the equipped poultry yards and incubators right by the set time. Delivery in time is of the greatest value for every worker in our company.

4. Technical support

Wherever your enterprise is our competent engineers will give you the qualified advice in installation and operation the equipment.

5. Real Work With Poultry Farms

We are proud of our customers. During 13 years or existence in the market 125 poultry enterprises have done us an honour and shown a trust having become our customers. Choosing the Ivelsy® equipment they improved their productive characteristics, raised the effectiveness and reliability of their business. We move on together, design new products and strive for getting better.

On making a decision to reconstruct your manufacture objects don’t forget to call us and we will do our best to perform your tasks with maximal quality.


Denis A. Vasin
Delivery Driver


Impulse Counter Ivelsy® STIM