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The assembly of the Petersime incubator of 8 million eggs for the Damate Group was successfully made in time
06 07 2015 | Company News
The South Ural Technical Control Systems (Ivelsy) has finished the assembly of the Petersime incubator of 8 million eggs for the Damate Group.
Garazh General-Purpose Lights Series
24 11 2014 | Company News

Detailed information about the series. Why Professionals choose the Ivelsy lights.

The Golden Autumn-2014 Exhibition
15 10 2014 | Company News
Several words about our participation in the exhibition Golden Autumn-2014, Moscow.
A new Ivelsy site dedicated to the general purpose lights has been put into action
18 09 2014 | Company News
A new site has been put into action and is dedicated to the general purpose lights.
The Ivelsy representatives have visited the conference in Belgorod
04 04 2014 | Company News

The conference “The Russian Agroholdings in Central Chernozemye” took place in Belgorod

A New Lighting System For Cage Keeping Of Laying Hen. A New Level Of Energy Efficiency of the Ivelsy Svedios
31 03 2014 | Company News
A New Lighting System For Cage with Outer Feeding-Trough 2014
The Pyatigorskselmash together with the Ivelsy fulfilled the first joint project
07 03 2014 | Company News
The introduction of a joint incubation project has been completed
AgroFarm-2014 Exhibition Report
12 02 2014 | Company News
The AgroFarm-2014 Exhibition has taken place in the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Moscow
The IVELSY company got the golden medal
14 11 2014 | Company News
V Voronezh Agricultural Forum in brief
The International Exhibition The Golden Autumn 2013 has taken place in Moscow
06 11 2013 | Company News
IVELSY continues to present string lighting systems at the VIV Russia Exhibition 2013


Igor V. Svistunov


Post Control Device

Post control device is used for producing alert when the alarm connected to it responds.