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The International Exhibition The Golden Autumn 2013 has taken place in Moscow

06 11 2013 | Company News
In 2013, our company took part in the international exhibition The Golden Autumn which took place in October, 9-12, 2013, in the International Exhibition Centre in Moscow. It was held for the 15th time.
The exhibition was opened by Dmitry Medvedev, the Head of the Government of Russian Federation, and other authorities: Arkady Dvorkovich and Nikolay Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture. The Chelyabinsk region team was headed by Mikhail Yurevich, the Governor of our region.
The Ivelsy stand was situated in the comfortable place, on the cross of three roads, as they say, nearby our colleagues from the Big Dutchman. The stand was different from other exhibitors by its bright and pleasant LED illumination. We presented a large part of our LED products for poultry-farming as well as for general purposes (LED lights for offices and industry).
The whole assortment of all the string lighting systems was presented to the public by Heads of the company. You might remember that we got the Grand Prize for Alfa-String System at the VIV Russia Exhibition 2013.
The technology was developed more than two years ago and was successfully installed at the poultry farms. To keep trade secret until the patents are received, we didn’t show it in open sources. However, there are first fakes of a questionable quality in the market.
The String technology allows assembling lighting systems in the poultry houses without cable termination and stripping therefore reducing cable costs. Other advantages are quick and simple change of place of the lights in the poultry house. The string technology allows simplifying the task of balanced illumination when the lights can be of lesser size but their quantity is bigger.
Many visitors attended the exhibition, and our stand lit as by the sun drew their great attention, as expected.

In general, the exhibition was successful for us and now we are ready to make our new and constant clients happy with our quality products bringing you light and joy.  



Evgeny A. Shchipunov
Electronics Engineer


Test Bench Ivelsy® AIPCS BENCH

Test Bench AIPCS BENCH is made for testing the work of the universal climate controller AIPCS UCC