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The IVELSY company got the golden medal

14 11 2014 | Company News
         Our company took part in the V Voronezh Agricultural Forum. It took place in November, 7-8, 2013 supported by the Voronezh Region Government and Administration.
Beside Voronezh Region, the companies from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tula, Lipetsk, Amur Region, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Zhukovsk, Belarus presented their products. The exhibition was attended by more than 2000 professionals.
During the business programme of the exhibition, many specialized seminars were held. Our company held a seminar as well. Igor V. Svistunov, the Director of the company, presented technical novelties.
 There were representatives of different districts of the Voronezh Region among visitors of the exhibition. The Head of the region also visited our stand. The visitors of the exhibition noticed a lively interest of the Voronezh students and professors to our specialized equipment presented there.

         The organizers as well as the participants of the exhibition highly evaluated the novelties of our company which is confirmed by the golden medal handed over to our ewpresentatives.


Irina V.Markina
Head of Production Department


Tray Turning Control Unit Ivelsy® AIPCS CU TURN

Tray Turning Control Unit Ivelsy® AIPCS CU TURN is made for running the tray turning mechanism in the incubator units of the type UNIVERSAL-55, IUP-F-45