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The Pyatigorskselmash together with the Ivelsy fulfilled the first joint project

07 03 2014 | Company News
Today we have a joyful news for the AIPC system fans who previously have bought incubation controlling systems and incubation units separately.
From now on you can buy a complete system. The South Ural Technical Control Systems and the Pyatigorskselmash Company have agreed to produce incubation equipment with the Ivelsy electronics.
The mentioned agreement has led to the fulfillment of the first joint project: read the article at the Pyatigorskselmash web-site and watch the photos at the foot of the page. As you can see, the AIPCS UCC is made as built-in now. Start and checkout of the incubator have been successful.
Quality of management, accuracy of temperature and humidity measurement as well as convenience at working with the panel are the components of the successful controller. That is the reason why Russian poultry farms from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk choose the AIPC system for more than 12 years.
A new stage of collaboration with the Russian oldest producer of incubators is now the fact that the Ivelsy incubation control electronics has finally obtained the recognition.



Denis A. Vasin
Delivery Driver


Ice Generator Panel

An ice generator panel PLG-200 is made for controlling the household ice generators of the Ivelsy SIG (flake ice generators)