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The Ivelsy representatives have visited the conference in Belgorod

04 04 2014 | Company News
On March, 14, the conference «The Russian Agroholdings in Central Chernozemye» in which the leaders of agricultural business took part was held in Belgorod.
The South Ural Technical Control Systems delegation consisting of three persons also took part in the conference.
The vice-minister of agriculture of Russia A. Volkov, the head of the APC department vice-chairman of the Belgorod Region government S. Aleynik and the main persons of the largest agricultural holdings in Central Chernozemye gave their reports on the perspectives and market development tendencies immediately ahead at the conference.
During the conference, the questions on energy saving at the agricultural objects were discussed which are very interesting for the SUTCS specialists because of the company specialized production. The director Igor V. Svistunov brought up the topic once again and was given the information on implementation of the energy-saving technologies from the heads of the large agricultural enterprises.

The Russian Agroholdings in Central   Chernozemye, March, 2014

The Russian Agroholdings in Central   Chernozemye, March, 2014, Svistunov Igor


Andrey N. Vitt
Development Director


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