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A new Ivelsy site dedicated to the general purpose lights has been put into action

18 09 2014 | Company News
We are glad to announce that in July, 2014, our new site, has been put into action. It is dedicated to the general purpose lights. These lights are used for lighting the offices, industrial premises, streets, storehouses, schools, kindergartens, community facilities, and other purposes.
The catalogue contains description of the following lights: «Garage», «Kontora», «Svetomir», «Svetozar», «Zarnitsa», «Zarya», «Belorus» and «Astra». 
The site contains the detailed description and technical characteristics of each light, areas of usage; the lights are also compared to the fluorescent lamps. We use LEDs from such world-famous producers as Nichia (Japan), which is No1 in the world, the best electronics and only the most reliable technologies for cooling the LEDs because quality is the first priority for us.
All the presented lights you can order directly via our on-line shop. There is also a callback service there. You get 15% discount ordering the lights in the on-line shop. Period of discount validity is up to December, 31, 2014. Hurry up to order the production beforehand!


Igor V. Svistunov


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