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The Golden Autumn-2014 Exhibition

15 10 2014 | Company News
Today I'd like to tell you about our successful participation in the Golden Autumn-2014 exhibition. The emphasis was made on the LED lighting systems as the most urgent topic of nowadays. Many people strive for minimizing the energy costs to stay up-to-date and being more competitive.
It is important to underline the desire of the government to support the agricultural sector. The exhibition was opened by the Chairman of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Nikolay Fedorov and other authorities.
Dmitry Medvedev has underlined that "The known restrictive measures in fact gave preferences for the development of our own agricultural companies. I'd like to assure you all that the course aimed at replacing import food products is not a short-term impulse but a clear and strategic position of the state.".
These words are very encouraging for the market participants. We also took these reassuring words as a good sign. Our company produces light of premium class, the main emphasis made on the quality, high effectiveness of the systems and individual attitude to the partners' tasks. However, in contracting market conditions the customers tend to buy goods of low quality, as they say, the cheaper the better. But the economy is doubtful here. Thus, during last months we have received several orders to replace cheap lighting of our competitors because of sudden degradation of LEDs in their systems.
We've also been asked about examiming the LEDs in other lighting systems concerning their origin but we refused. The reason is that there is no need to do it, the results of systems exploitations tell their own story. The problem with the LEDs of a "no brand" production is not in their low quality but in their unpredictability – once you are lucky, the other you are not.
The exhibition confirmed the readiness of almost every participant of the market to produce and sell the LED products – only the lazy would not enter this area of production, even the cage equipment manufacturers who are a bit far from the electronics. The hasty attempts to produce complicated electronic equipment by nonprofessional manufacturers threaten to create the mess in the lighting matters of the agricultural sector by low prices and as the consequences - by low quality of the products.
The South Ural Technical Control Systems (the Ivelsy) was founded in 1999 and since then has been successfully working in the agricultural market. This year is our 15th birthday. In the beginning and till nowadays our aim is to develop and produce electronic devices: incubation systems, lighting systems, incubation control systems, feeding control systems, electronic devices of general purposes and so on.
We have made a good progress in the field of lighting: we started to make illumination control systems (dimmers) based on filament lamps, later – on fluorescent lamps. Our pride is the unique device, a dimmer for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) which were known to be non-controllable.
Since the beginning of the LED era, we work hard in this field. The line of LED lighting systems was created for agricultural sector which allowed solving any tasks of the clients. We also provide general-purpose LED lights made for using in the offices, workshops, shopping centers, and other different accommodations.
In the course of time the technologies changed, the world itself changed and we as the part of it also changed. But something is stable; its the constant aiming for quality. No doubt, it makes our systems more expensive than our colleagues systems are, but in the long term perspective the market will arrange everything back to order.
We guarantee that our basic principles will preserve, and we will offer only the quality products, be the solid ground for our customers in the field of electronic equipment production, incubation systems, illumination systems and assembly of manufacturing machinery. We will also continue producing our equipment by ourselves in Chelyabinsk.


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Lyubov V. Luchkina
REA Adjuster 5 Class


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