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Garazh General-Purpose Lights Series

24 11 2014 | Company News

          With this very article we’d like to present a description series of a new general-purpose lights line. Our readers have already learnt about the new line from the previous article, and now is the time to tell you about each light in detail.

Let’s begin with the Garazh light. If you want to get a very good illumination and humidity resistance you’re on the right way. The light suits industrial premises, shopping centers, garages, repair shops, car washes, refrigerators and so on – it will be fine-looking everywhere. It is probably the most universal light; that is why we begin with it.

In the light, we used a brand new LED from the world leader in LED production, the Nichia company, Japan. The LED has increased light efficiency thanks to which the Garazh gives about 6.000 lm consuming less than 50W.

Luminous flux is 15% higher than the analogous fluorescent light has.

The light is made with the use of the world best heat-conducting Scotch tape 3M (Germany), quality aluminum boards and good mood of our workers. We use developed by our specialists technology of cable fastening to join the boards which guarantees eternal joint.

It is really possible to produce a light which will work more than 50.000 hours (more than 12 years) with the steady luminous flux – our Garazh light is the example to it. Our secret is that we do not violate the LED producer’s requirements in current and temperature of the diode crystal to make the light cheaper. That’s why our lights are a bit higher in price than the lights of our competitors but it has all the advantages of LED lights in practice, not only in advertisements.

The Garazh can be used in replacing the fluorescent illumination on the base of 2x56W lights by proportion 1:1.

The same can be done with the systems 2x36 by proportion 2:3 (LED : fluorescent lights). But we recommend better replace 1:1 because the better illumination the more working efficiency of your workers is and the better their mood and quality of life.

In addition, the light can be completed with the “Comfort” option, the original double diffuser which eliminates blinding effect, makes the light more comfortable for eyes and allows using the lights at a small height.

The Garazh is the universal decision for many tasks in illumination.


Denis A. Vasin
Delivery Driver


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