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The Ivelsy at the VIV Russia-2011 Exhibition

07 06 2011 | Company News

At the exhibition, the Ivelsy® has presented four new types of LED lighting systems Svedios for poultry houses:

For floor keeping:

For cage keeping:

There also an air heating system for the poultry houses Ivelsy ® COCHET has been presented.

The representatives of poultry farms, private poultry-keeping enterprises and foreign companies have visited our stand. The visitors were greatly interested in the new LED lighting system Svedios Alfa. A partnership agreement for the delivery of LED lighting systems was made with the well known in the Ural-Siberian Region producer Big Dutchman. Several preliminary contracts were made with the suppliers of the equipment who wanted to become our dealers.

The company has won two grand prizes and 1st degree Diplomas for the design and development of the LED lighting system for cage keeping Ivelsy® Svedios® Sigma and for design and implementation of the air heating system using heat generators of separate consumption Ivelsy® COCHET at the innovative projects competition.

The VIV Russia exhibition is important for the whole agricultural sector of Russia being of international importance. It is a place for meeting of the professional workers, producers and consumers, a site for business meetings and negotiations that gives opportunities not only to evaluate your own place in the equipment-producing market but to establish partnership relations as well.

The participation in the exhibition gives the opportunity to exchange experiences, to see the most modern developments and innovative technologies made in the agricultural sector, to check the competitive power of your own enterprise, to meet the colleagues and to get to know the new people who are interested in relations.

We would like to thank all the visitors of our stand and the organizers of the exhibition and hope that we’ll establish mutually beneficial collaboration!  




Ilana N. Pogorelenko
Financial Inspector


The illumination controller Ivelsy® Rassvet

The illumination controller Ivelsy® “Rassvet” is made for automatic running the illumination according to the technological programme. It is connected to the illumination lines of the Ivelsy® system FPL, the Ivelsy® dimmers FML, Ivelsy® IDF