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Microclimate System IVELSY COCHET for Poultry Houses


- Effective managing the climate in the poultry house. Maintaining the set values of temperature, humidity, level of ventilation according to the technological programme.

- Reducing energy consumption.


- Heat-generators: IVELSY ® COCHET FTG (separate burning), IVELSY ® COCHET TPS (mixing type)

- Ventilating equipment: exhaust fans, fresh air windows, ventlights.

- Microclimate control panel IVELSY ® COCHET CP

- Supervisory console IVELSY ® COCHET SC gathers data from all poultry yards into an integrated supervisory console.


Integrated Supervisory Console IVELSY ® COCHET SC

Main functions:

- Monitors and controls remotely basic systems of the poultry house:

  • Microclimate  
  • Lighting  
  • Feed distribution  
  • Energy resources: gas, electricity, water  
  • Emergency alarm  

Optional functions:

- Transferring the technological programme to every controller of the poultry house (set values of temperature, humidity, level of ventilation, levels of illumination, feeding time) during the whole period of the poultry keeping. Possibility to change the programme.

- System time synchronization. Connecting the supervisory console, all the controllers IVELSY ® COCHET CP have the same current time and it corresponds the time on the supervisory console.

- Archiving and analyzing incoming data, making reports and printing them.


- All the controllers of the poultry house IVELSY ® COCHET CP are connected with the Supervisory Console and cooperate in Request-Reply mode.

- The connection may be as wireless, so as through the wires.

- Possibility to extract the data from the Supervisory Console and transfer them to the operators’ and the Director’s computers. At critical situations – an SMS to the cellular phones.


Air-Heating Conception Using Heat-Generators with Separate Consumption IVELSY ® COCHET FTG

A new principle of controlling temperature in the poultry house

- The principle of even work of the heat-generator IVELSY ® COCHET FTG .

- Controlling algorithm IVELSY ® LOGIC-. Temperature accuracy in the poultry house is 0.20°C.

- System balance: quantity of incoming heat from gas burner equals quantity of outcoming heat.

Acknowledgement in the market

- This technical solution is innovative and does not have analogues in the same field. Existing systems yield to us as in technical characteristics, as in price.

- This principle of air-heating of the poultry houses has been implemented in two sites for parent flock of the RAVIS Agroholding, one of the largest holdings in Russia. As a result of its exploitation the favourable replies were gathered. The decision to transfer the sites to the system of air-heating complex completely.

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Lyubov V. Luchkina
REA Adjuster 5 Class


The illumination control panel Ivelsy® FPL (ICP FPL)