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Boning Press-Separator PS

The device is made for separating meat from bones of poultry and fish.

Working principle:

Prepared raw material is loaded into the bunker (small poultry trunks may be loaded as a whole, the larger ones it is better to take apart in 3-4 pieces: wings, collars, etc.). The device is turned on with the start button. The loaded raw material is transported by the screw into the pinch roll unit where it is being mashed and is separated into minced meat and bones trash. Minced meat is pushed through the chinks between plates and bones trash comes out between cone of the screw and regulation screw on the tray.

Technical characteristics:

Model -300 -500 -800
Technical productivity, kg/hour 300 500 800
Power set, kW 7,5 1
Weight, kg, no more than 360 400 600
Dimensions 620980116
Raw material Draw trunks of poultry, wings, collars, fish, sea products
Average product outcome of the raw material, % 68
Number of plates 60


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