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Impulse Counter IVELSY STIM

The impulse counter IVELSY ® STIM is a programmable electronic device with digital indicators. It is used for counting the quantity of the batches measured and running the process of feed distribution. An inductive or sealed-contact sensor is connected to the counter. The sensor is settled on the body of the balance and registers batches.

The controlling principle.

In the counter, the number of batches is set for one feed-loading cycle from the outer launcher. When pushing the button START on the front panel of the counter (or activation of the external timer IVELSY ® Frontt-2R if it is installed for automatic load) the counter turns on the loading transporter and starts the countdown of the feed batches from the set quantity up to zero. Reaching zero, the counter turns off the loading transporter.

Counting principle.

To count the measured batches there are absolute and relative counters in the device (like the speedometer of an automobile). The button START can reset the relative counter at the end of the working day for example. The absolute counter cannot be reset. The data of the absolute counter you can write down in the register.

Technical characteristics of the STIM-06

  • Supply voltage 220V 50Hz
  • Useful current, no more than (with turned-off end): 15mA
  • Weight no more than 0.3kg
  • Dimensions 134*174*86 mm
  • “Dry contact” ends – 2 pcs.
  • Symistor key end 240V 0.7A
  • End relay 240 V 6A
  • Programmable number of batches in one loading cycle (maximum value of the reverse counter) 999
  • Maximum value of the absolute counter 999999
  • Maximum value of he relative counter 999999

Description of the device

The indicator ON shows when the device is turned on at 220V.

The LED seven-segment six-digit indicator displays the data (the counter data, working modes);

The indicator OUT displays the condition of the key end;

The button ON is for turning on/ off the device;

The button START is for launching the counter or resetting it;

The buttons CHOOSE, MEAS are for programming and setting the counter, switching working modes;

The counter data and settings are kept when the supply voltage is off.

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Pavel V. Shiryaev
Product engineer


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