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The Control Panel for Spiral Feeder IVELSY SPF

We offer the Control panels for different types of the equipment and different tasks.  

The chain feeder may be used in different types of the poultry houses and is made for running the feeding process of one spiral feed-distributing line.

Two feed level capacitive sensors are connected to the control panel. The minimum sensor is installed in the feeding bunker and blocks the distribution line if there is little feed left. The maximum sensor is installed in the last feeding trough but one and stops the distribution line if the feeding trough is full of the feed.

Spiral feeders SPF have high productivity (up to 450 kg/h) and therefore the feed from the first bunker (cup) trough to the last one is done in 2-3 minutes, and the capacitive sensor in the last trough stops the electric motor of the feed distributor when the trough is filled with feed.

Technical characteristics of the SPF-Ch-1x1-01 CP

Supply voltage – three-phase 50Hz 380V ± 10%

Quantity of motors controlled – 1pc.

Quantity of feed level sensors connected – 1 normal open + 1 normal closed = 2 pcs.

Control head end – 1 pc., phase 220V

Weight no more than 3 kg

Dimensions 310x265x120mm

Description of the device

Mode switcher is used to choose the working mode:

AUT Mode – the distribution line is controlled by the capacitive sensors.

ON Mode – the feeder is turned on directly (bypassing the capacitive sensors).

The direct mode of the feeder is used for testing the equipment and for the emergency cases at the outage of the capacitive sensors.

Mode switcher LOC/ DIST

LOC Mode is for local control. The control phase is taken from the incoming switch of the Panel.

DIST Mode is for distance control. The control phase is taken from the outer button panel IVELSY ® BP-…-100 or from the timer.

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Igor V. Svistunov


The Control Panel Ivelsy® Svedios DS CP