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Monitoring System for Poultry House IvelsyCochetWizard

The solution for:

On-line control of various parameters of all the poultry houses

  • The operator can follow the conditions of all the poultry houses from his working place
  • Through the Ethernet the computers of the specialists (technologists, electricians, etc.) can be connected to the operator’s station and with the help of supplementary software they can also follow the conditions in the poultry houses.

Quick reaction to the emergency and critical situations

  • If there is an emergency (accident, critical) the operator will be warned by the sound alarm (the type and volume can be set by the operator), the corresponding poultry house will be highlighted in the software of the operator’s station and it will allow quickly remove the problem.
  • The possibility to be informed of the emergency case through the e-mail (and in consequence of it, by short mail service through the cell-phone).

The graphs can be drawn according to the set parameters and period

  • It allows following the microclimate change during the needed period and making a conclusion about the poultry-keeping results.
  • it also allows comparing the change of parameters in several poultry houses.

The general scheme of the system:

The general characteristics of the system

  • Interface RS-485 (the connection of knots in line – the poultry houses), RS-232 (the connection of the operator’s station).
  • Number of poultry houses connected to one segment – up to 30
  • Segment length – up to 1000 m
  • The segments are connected between themselves by the retransmitter RTS
  • Maximum number of the connected poultry houses (including the line retransmitters) – 200
  • Power supply – 220V, 50 Hz
  • Number of operator’s stations – 1
  • Connection of the operator’s station to the general communication line – the converter RS-232/RS-485 (CLC)
  • Maximum number of simultaneously connected computers – up to 32

Automatic unit parameters:

  • Number of connected digital modules – 9
  • Number of RS-485/MicroLAN converters – 10
  • Number of sensors (discrete inlets) connected to each module – 8
  • Maximum number of sensors of the dry contact type connected to each digital input module – 8
  • Number of sensors of any type possible to connect to one monitoring controller – up to 40
  • Temperature sensor type – digital  

- temperature range – from -550C to +1250C

- accuracy is -0.50C in the range from -100C to +850C

  • Humidity sensor type (relative humidity) with DAC – output signal type – digital

- Humidity range is from 0 to 100%

- Accuracy is 2% (without condensate)

working temperature range is from -400C to +850C

- adjustment of the supply voltage is possible - adjustment of temperature is possible

  • MicroLAN line length – 300m

Contents of an operator’s station:

  • System unit with the OC Windows XP, a display, a keyboard, an acoustic system and a mouse and the installed software
  • Converter RS-485/RS-232 (CLC)
  • The computers of the specialists can be connected to the operator’s station via the Ethernet.
  • To get the e-mails and SMS, the operator’s station should be connected to the Internet.

Features of the operator’s station:

  • All the parameters of the poultry houses are displayed dynamically.
  • Quick change of the emergency case limit for a chosen parameter
  • Easy configuration of the operator’s station:
  • The graphs can be drawn for the chosen period

Features of the operator’s station:

  • Addressing allows defining the reason of the emergency, failure or malfunction quickly
  • Independent working mode means that the operator configures the system once and the programme will notify him of all the emergency cases
  • Complete software adjustment (including size and location of the displayed elements, sound alarm and the connected devices reading time)
  • The total number of the parameters you can see in the left table or in the full table of the parameters.

Advantages of the system:

  • Dynamic control of the poultry house conditions by using the operator’s station with dynamic display and control of all the parameters in all the connected poultry houses. It allows react to the emergency cases (failure or malfunction) quickly.
  • The graphs can be drawn according to the set period to compare and analyse the results of poultry growing.
  • The system can work independently; the operator is called only in case of an emergency.
  • The configuration of the system is easy.

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