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Glazovskaya Pticefabrika Ltd.

Glazovskaya Pticefabrika Ltd.

The Glazovskaya Pticefabrika Ltd. Has been working since 1973 and produces eggs, egg powder, poultry meat and its derivatives.

The poultry farm is occupied also with geese breeding and downy and feather items producing. The poultry farm is now a part of a sub-holding Poultry Breeding and Poultry Meat Processing of the agricultural holding KOMOS GROUP. The manufacture uses the closed technological cycle, the base of the flock being the chickens of the Hisex Brown cross.

As part of poultry-breeding technological process improvement the SUTCS Ltd. has signed a contract with the above-mentioned poultry farm to deliver the FPL lighting system for cage and floor keeping in the poultry houses. During the 7-year-long period of collaboration our company has assembled more than ten of such systems.

We are proud to take part in the realization of the project and to make a contribution to the development of the Russian agriculture. Our equipment will not only give perfect results but bring delight from its work!




Ilana N. Pogorelenko
Financial Inspector


The Programmable Timer Ivelsy® Front-2R

Is used for running two independent relay outputs according to the set programme and current time