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Ptitsefabrika Reftinskaya (The Reftinskaya Poultry Farm)

Ptitsefabrika Reftinskaya (The Reftinskaya Poultry Farm)

The Reftinskaya ptitsefabrika is a unique poultry farm in the Middle Urals, which produces broiler meat. It was founded in 1983.

The manufacture is constantly increases its production of the poultry meat from year to year.

In 2010, the poultry farm produced 39209 tons of high-quality broiler meat.

In August 2011, the new LED lighting system IVELSY Svedios Alfa was installed on the poultry farm for broilers.





Ilana N. Pogorelenko
Financial Inspector


The Control Panel for Spiral Feeder Ivelsy® SPF

The chain feeder may be used in different types of the poultry houses and is made for running the feeding process of one spiral feed-distributing line.