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OOO RAVIS Ptitsefabrika Sosnovskaya

OOO RAVIS  Ptitsefabrika Sosnovskaya

OOO RAVIS – Ptitsefabrika Sosnovskaya is a unique poultry farm, the acknowledged leader in meat production in Russia, whish enters Top 5 of the largest broiler poultry farms of the country.

RAVIS – Ptitsefabrika Sosnovskaya is the main branch of the agricultural holding that provides a large part of the production. The manufacture is located in the Sosnovsky district, the village Roschino, that is in 15 km from Chelyabinsk. It was founded in 1981.

The following activities of the poultry farm are present: egg incubation to get daily chickens, keeping of broiler chickens, slaughter, trimming and deep processing of poultry meat (sausage and half-finished goods production). Besides, there is a subsistence farming of pigs.

RAVIS – Ptitsefabrika Sosnovskaya is a close-cycle manufacture; the production starts from breeding eggs and production of feed to meat processing and selling ready products in the corporate chain shops numbering more than 150 shops and departments in and out of the Chelyabinsk region. The closed cycle and the Field-to-Shop principle allow controlling the quality of the products at every stage. The agricultural holding consists of three breeders (the Etkulsky, the Shershnevsky and the Peschany) with the reproductive ability of more that 50 million eggs a year.

In 2010, the equipment for floor keeping of the broilers and the microclimate system, and the two fluorescent lighting systems IVELSY FPL were installed on the poultry farm for broilers.




In 2011, the large modernization of the lighting system began in the branch “Peschanoe”. The systems with the filament lamps were replaced by LED lighting systems. The SUTCS has installed five LED lighting systems IVELSY SVEDIOS GAMMA for floor keeping.



In deember 2011, the SUTCS has installed new LED lighting systems IVELSY SVEDIOS GAMMA (24V) for floor keeping.


In June 2012, was supplied 3 sets of led lighting  IVELSY Svedios Alpha for the cellular content of broilers. Led lighting in three buildings 72h96m were installed by factory farms.



Ilana N. Pogorelenko
Financial Inspector


Incubator’s control panel Ivelsy® AIPCS CP IVP

The incubator’s control panel Ivelsy® AIPCS CP IVP is made for running the industrial incubators UNIVERSAL-55, IUP-F-45, IUV-F-15 using the method of turning on executive mechanisms of the incubator