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APC Gayskaya Pticefabrika

APC Gayskaya Pticefabrika

Nowadays, the agricultural productive corporation Gayskaya Pticefabrika is one of the best enterprises in the Orenburg Region. From year to year, it widens the field of work.

At this moment the APC Gayskaya Pticefabrika is an agricultural holding producing and processing many types of the agricultural goods.

In 2003, our company installed the AIPCS incubation equipment which includes:

  • Supervisory Console AICPS
  • Universal climate controller AIPCS UCC 3.04;  
  • Universal temperature and humidity sensor (AIPCS THS-2);
  • Optical rotating speed sensor AIPCS RS-O;
  • Cooling module IVELSY AIPCS HUM  
  • Humidity module IVELSY AIPCS COOL  
  • Cooling radiator R-100;  
  • Tray turning control panel AIPCS TURN  
  • Transferring cables, etc.  


Reviews of our work with the Gayskaya Pticefabrika you can read here.


Evgeny A. Shchipunov
Electronics Engineer


The illumination control panel Ivelsy® FPL (ICP FPL)