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JSC Udmurtskaya Pticefabrika

JSC Udmurtskaya Pticefabrika

OAO Udmurtskaya Pticefabrika a part of a sub-holding Poultry Breeding and Poultry Meat Processing of the agricultural holding KOMOS GROUP. The farm is one of hundred largest and effective producers of agricultural production in Russia, it has 75.4% of the total quantity of the poultry meat in Udmurtiya.

As part of poultry-breeding technological process improvement the SUTCS Ltd. has signed a contract with the above-mentioned poultry farm to deliver the FPL lighting system for cage and floor keeping in the poultry houses. During the 7-year-long period of collaboration our company has assembled more than ten of such systems.

Taking our long-time experience into account, we can state that our equipment will not only give perfect results but bring delight from its work!









Pavel V. Shiryaev
Product engineer


The Control Panel for Chain Feeder Ivelsy® CHF

The chain feeder CHF is made for automation of the feed distribution process and poultry feeding at the floor keeping of the meat parent flock, at bringing up the rearing flocks with fixed feeding and meat broiler chickens