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The Open JSC Tyumensky Broiler

The Open JSC Tyumensky Broiler

The production complex Tyumensky Broiler was founded on the 11th of February, 1976 to provide good meat products to the citizens of the Tyumen Region. Nowadays it is a modern agricultural enterprise with the closed technological cycle and high capacity of the production (more than 24 tonnes of meat products per year).

It is important to note that the whole production cycle is organized with the modern technologies that guarantee safety for all the vitamins in the meat semi-products.

In August 2011, our company installed the LED Lighting System Ivelsy ® Svedios ® Alpha for the cage keeping of the broilers and the Farmer Automatic cage equipment.






Igor V. Svistunov


Optical Rotating Speed Sensor AIPCS RS-O for Fans

The optical rotating speed sensor AIPCS RS-O is made for measuring the rotating speed of the fan. The sensor can work together with the climate controller AIPCS UCC.