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Mezheninovskaya Pticefabrika Ltd.

Mezheninovskaya Pticefabrika Ltd.

The Mezheninovskaya Pticefabrika Ltd. Nowadays is a modern, dynamically developing manufacture and occupies one of the leading places in the Siberian Region in the production and processing the broiler chickens meat.

In 2007, as part of the national project The development of Agricultural Sector realization the poultry farm made a total modernization of its production. The new incubational and vent units of the American company Chick Master were installed in the incubators that provided high hatchability and biological safety. The systems for floor keeping of the chickens with nipple drinking troughs and automatic feed distribution were installed there. The equipment in the slaughter and processing department was replaced by the Dutch company MEYN equipment.

In September 2010, our assembling teams introduced into work 5 poultry yards for broiler keeping (the cage equipment Avimax AMX150FC, 4 tiers).  





Denis A. Vasin
Delivery Driver


Alarm System Unit Ivelsy® AIPCS ALARM

The alarm system unit is made for correct organization of an independent alarm line in the incubation rooms as a part of the Ivelsy® AIPC system. One room is provided with one unit AIPCS ALARM