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JSC Novosibirskaya Pticefabrika

JSC Novosibirskaya Pticefabrika

The JSC Novosibirskaya Pticefabrika is the main enterprise around which the agricultural sector was being formed. It is situated near the Yevsino station in Novosibirsk region. The territory occupies 145 hectares on which incubation workshops for rearing and parent flocks, an industrial workshop, a meat-processing complex and some auxiliary departments are located. The enterprise develops dynamically and introduces the modern technologies. As part of the national support project of the agricultural sector the funds are attracted and are moved to gas supplying, the meat-processing workshop, sausage and prepared food production, the slaughtering line construction which demands quality trunk processing according to its further treatment.

The South Ural Technical Control Systems Ltd. And the Novosibirskaya Pticefabrika signed the contracts to delivery and installation:

- in June 2009, the incubator for 10 million eggs per year (the Chick Master Millennium);

- in August 2009, 5 poultry yards for cage keeping of the broiler chickens (the Big Dutchman equipment "EGS-CARRE-4E", 4 tiers);

- in February 2010, a poultry slaughtering and processing workshop with the capacity of 6000 heads per hour (the Stork & Marel technological equipment);


  - in July 2010, 3 poultry yards for the broiler chickens keeping (the Techna cage equipment, 4 tiers); 


  - in December 2010, 8 poultry yards for the broiler chickens keeping (the Big Dutchman "Avimax AMX150FO" cage equipment, 4 tiers);  


- in March 2011, 1 poultry yard with the Techna cage equipment, 4 tiers, the LED lighting system IVELSY ® SVEDIOS ALFA.



The reviews of our collaboration with the JSC Novosibirskaya Pticefabrika you can read here.


Lyubov V. Luchkina
REA Adjuster 5 Class


Temperature Measuring Regulator TMR

A temperature measuring one-channel regulator is a programmable microcontroller device with digital indication