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Integrated poultry farm orobovsky

Integrated poultry farm orobovsky

Integrated poultry farm orobovsky

Facilities V ' Korobovsky ' is located in a northeast part of the Cherkassk area, in the central zone of forest-steppe of Ukraine, on left I protect the Kremenchug water basin. The structure of a facilities includes four settlements. On distance of 30 km there is an occupied regional center - the city of Cherkassy, on distance of 10 km the-regional center, Zolotonosha, to railway station Zolotonosha II-7 of km.


Current activity V ' Korobovsky ':


-cultivation of ducks;


- Cultivation of meat and an offal of a duck-broiler;


- Manufacture of incubatory eggs and daily young growth of a duck;


- Wholesale and retail commerce in meat products;


- Wholesale and retail commerce in breeding production ducks, etc.


On integrated poultry farm' robovsky ' by us it is established The IVELSY ® Incubation Process Control System



Andrey N. Vitt
Development Director


The Ivelsy® Dimmers IDF