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Integrated poultry farm orobovsky

Integrated poultry farm orobovsky

Integrated poultry farm orobovsky

Facilities V ' Korobovsky ' is located in a northeast part of the Cherkassk area, in the central zone of forest-steppe of Ukraine, on left I protect the Kremenchug water basin. The structure of a facilities includes four settlements. On distance of 30 km there is an occupied regional center - the city of Cherkassy, on distance of 10 km the-regional center, Zolotonosha, to railway station Zolotonosha II-7 of km.


Current activity V ' Korobovsky ':


-cultivation of ducks;


- Cultivation of meat and an offal of a duck-broiler;


- Manufacture of incubatory eggs and daily young growth of a duck;


- Wholesale and retail commerce in meat products;


- Wholesale and retail commerce in breeding production ducks, etc.


On integrated poultry farm' robovsky ' by us it is established The IVELSY ® Incubation Process Control System



Pavel V. Shiryaev
Product engineer


The Control Panel for Chain Feeder Ivelsy® CHF

The chain feeder CHF is made for automation of the feed distribution process and poultry feeding at the floor keeping of the meat parent flock, at bringing up the rearing flocks with fixed feeding and meat broiler chickens