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Meat Factory Ramensky

Meat Factory Ramensky

The Meat Factory Ramensky was founded in 1974. Today it is the only meat processing factory in Moscow Region producing environmentally safe meat products, having the modern technological complex and independently fulfilling the whole process from the cattle slaughter, sausage and delicacies output to ready products shipment to the customers.

In July 2009, the SUTCS Ltd. installed the Extruder Line for Feed Additives Production IVELSY ELFAP


Lyubov V. Luchkina
REA Adjuster 5 Class


Connection Cable to the Unit AIPCS UCC-IMU

The connection cable to the unit AIPCS UCC-IMU-200-0.3 is made for connecting the climate controller AIPCS UCC to the incubator IUP-F-45-31M-01, IUV-F-15-31M-01 instead of the unit BMI-F-15.