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Chebarkulskaya Ptica Ltd.

Chebarkulskaya Ptica Ltd.

The Chebarkulskaya Ptica is a modern multisectoral poultry-breeding complex with the complete cycle of egg and broiler production. Every month the workshops of the Chebarkulskaya Ptica produce more than 23 million eggs, 1.5 tons of poultry meat (60 items of raw and readymade production).

In September 2007, the SUTCS Ltd. has signed a contract with the Chebarkulskaya Ptica to deliver and install the Petersime incubator with the productivity of 20 million eggs per year.




In Desember 2007  - 30 systems



The reviews of our collaboration with the Chebarkulskaya Ptica Ltd. you can read here.


Andrey N. Vitt
Development Director


Incubator’s control panel Ivelsy® AIPCS CP IVP

The incubator’s control panel Ivelsy® AIPCS CP IVP is made for running the industrial incubators UNIVERSAL-55, IUP-F-45, IUV-F-15 using the method of turning on executive mechanisms of the incubator