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Feed Kitchens

The Ivelsy COMBIC Feed Kitchen Control System


Our company implements the complex equipment for mixed feed production control with a supervisory console based on a PC. Using high-precision tensor sensors and up-to-date electronic components it is possible to achieve the main thing – high quality mixed feed with a stable composition in each batch.  

The abovementioned control system is installed as in the existing feed kitchens at reconstruction, as in the new equipment lines.

The aim:

Automatic mixed feed of high quality production at the existing equipment.

Feed-distributing systems


We produce the equipment line for controlling the feed-distributing systems.

The equipment that we ship may be installed as at reconstructing the old systems, as in the new feed-distributing systems.

The automation of the feed-distributing processes allows achieving the more stable additional weights as well as improvement of the other characteristics, raising the saving of the feed and improve culture of the production.

The aim:

The purpose is to control the technological feed-distributing processes in the poultry houses in manual and automatic modes.


Irina V.Markina
Head of Production Department


Connection Cable to the Unit AIPCS UCC-IMU

The connection cable to the unit AIPCS UCC-IMU-200-0.3 is made for connecting the climate controller AIPCS UCC to the incubator IUP-F-45-31M-01, IUV-F-15-31M-01 instead of the unit BMI-F-15.