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Lighting Systems for Poultry Houses

General information

The company makes the whole cycle in producing the lighting systems: light fittings, electronics, automatics, hanging systems. The lighting systems for the poultry houses provide the required illumination level according to the technologists’ requirements. These systems can be applied to cowsheds, pigsties or hothouses.

The Ivelsy ® offers:

  • Reconstruction of the existing lighting lines.
  • Lighting systems on a turnkey basis.

Any customer is able to install the system that interests him more. There are systems of different classes, from the simple ones to the premium class systems depending on different illumination depth control, levels of control, type of the poultry, energy-saving type and price:

  • LED Lighting systems (for floor and cage keeping)
  • Fluorescent Lighting systems (for floor and cage keeping)
  • Lighting systems based on filament lamps

Energy Saving

Nowadays, the agriculture producers are very concerned with the problem of raising the profitability of their production. It is known that the greatest part of the prime cost of the production (at growing poultry, animals, plants) is presented by the lighting costs. The problem is of high importance now because the energy tariffs grow constantly.

To reduce the energy costs 10 times is possible with the modern LED lighting systems Ivelsy ® Svedios. Moreover, using different colours of the LEDs it is possible to solve many technological programmes connected with lighting.


Igor V. Svistunov


Panels with the Ivelsy® timer ST