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Poultry House Buildings

 Poultry Houses

Usually for poultry houses aisles of 12m, 15m, 18m with the wall length of 3 m are used. Depending on a production specificity and technological equipment two-aisle buildings of 12+12m may be built. The length of buildings is not limited.

The construction of buildings is fully adapted to the modern technological equipment of the leading producers such as Big Dutchman, VDL Agrotech, hore-Time, etc. Edge ventilators, jalousie, wall inlet valves, ventilating pipes, heat-generators are easily integrated into the construction. All the loads from technological equipment on roofing is taken into account initially.

There are two variants of wall and roof enclosures at organizing the poultry house: sheet assembly or sandwich panels.

In most cases, sheet assembly of sandwich panels of walls and roof is used. Besides poultry house buildings, it is possible to build disinfection barriers, sanitary inspection rooms, hatchery, boiler rooms, and any other utility structures.


 Building frame

Superlight constructions
A building frame consists of several types of thin-walled shape. Joining of the elements is done with the help of flat parts with holes. Zinc-coated bolts and self-tapping screws are used as fasteners. Thin-walled shape has very small weight and enables to get unique strengthening characteristics of a structural wall. Design values are confirmed experimentally by specially held tests.

Advantages of a building frame:
- low price;
- short delivery period;
- fast and simple assembly;
- low shipping costs;
- bolt joints;
- light foundations;
- no flammable materials in the construction parts;
- durable rust-resistant zinc cover of high quality.

Multi-aisle buildings
The buildings are connected at the long sides and have an internal spillway; the number of aisles is not limited. That allows to organize large integrated space for production, storage, etc. complexes. Besides, the decision is of very high economical efficiency.

Rust-resistant cover
Zinc-covered steel of all the frame elements allows to achieve unique rust-resistance so that the buildings can be used in different corrosive environment. 

Short delivery period
The main part of the constructional elements is in stock and ready for shipment. The production period of auxiliary components is insignificant. 

Low shipping costs
The configuration of shapes used in the building construction is chosen specially for the optimal packing of the elements. Only one car with a 12-meter semitrailer is needed to transport a 540-meter building frame of actual space.

Fast and simple assembly
All the construction elements are joined together with the bolts so that welding procedures are excluded totally. That makes the installation right “in the open field” possible. Weight of the constructive elements is significantly less than weight of usual metalworks made of welded or hot-rolled shapes not to mention traditional brick and concrete constructions. It is due to low quantity of metal in the construction and it allows to place a building upon light point bases and sometimes even on a concrete ground. Hoisting cranes of great hoisting capacity are not required, and sometimes the assembly can be done without cranes at all.

Roof and walls
Wall sandwich panels are used for the enclosure construction, the inner and outer layers of which are made of zinc-covered and painted sheet steel; the middle layer is mineral wool insulant. As a variant, the assembly from profiled sheeting the inner and outer layers of which are made of zinc-covered and painted sheet steel, and the middle layer is mineral wool insulant with foil cover and high-durable synthetic net is used.



Evgeny A. Shchipunov
Electronics Engineer


Post Control Device

Post control device is used for producing alert when the alarm connected to it responds.