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Extruder Line for Feed Additives Production IVELSY (ELFAP IVELSY)


The extruder line for feed additives production (ELFAP IVELSY) is made for recycling biological wastes (loss of cattle and poultry) into the high-calorie feed additives. The basic elements of the line are extruders in which the original product under pressure is transformed into the feed additive.

Automatic control system is made for running the ELFAP in manual, half-automatic or automatic mode, for signaling and prevention from emergency conditions, accounting of the produced feed and raw materials used.

Comparison of Recycling Technologies and Economical Effect

Today poultry farms and stock-farms use Laps boilers for recycling biological wastes. Technically, it is a big pressure cooker in which the raw products are recycled into meat-and-bone meal. The required temperature and pressure are set up by firing.

In the extruders the required temperature and pressure are set up by mechanical exposure during motion of the product through the extruder. At that, the electric energy is spent for moving proper mechanisms.
The recycling extruder line have great economical effect compared to Laps boilers because of lesser energy costs. Besides, the additive has higher biological purity and stability of characteristics from batch to batch.. 

The Functional Structure of ELFAP

Functionally, an ELFAP can be divided into 4 segments: shredding raw material, dosing and mixing, extruders, transporting the ready-made products.

Shredding raw material

The operator turns on/off the shredder manually when needed.

Dosing and Mixing

- You can manage dosing and mixing as manually, as in automatic mode.

- The operator gets weight data on raw material and filler loaded into the weight bins WB1, WB2 from the supervisory console SC.

- The operator turns on/off dosing and mixing components manually switching the needed switches or

- Logical controllers switch it in automatic mode.


- Each extruder is provided with the devices which transfer the signals “Load permitted”, “Emergency” to the general ELFAP system.

- Only the on/off power supply mode for each extruder is required.

- In case if an extruder is not ready for load for some reasons the work of predecessor mechanisms must be stopped.

The ready-made products are transported through the pneumatic line. In the process of transporting, the excess moisture is removed from the products.

Managing the whole process is done from the supervisory console based on industrial computers.






Igor V. Svistunov


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