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The production under the brand Ivelsy® reflects our aspiration to the best.

We do not stop at one point, we tend to attain new heights of quality and to create unique technologies. We think out everything to the detail.

As an example, the full airtight packing of the LSP driver of the latest modification allowed to exclude probability of emergency after sanitation completely.

Our first development, the incubation control system (ICS) has been successfully working more than 12 years already at such poultry farms as Yetkulsky Gosplempticezavod, OAO Habarovsky PPZ, ZAO Pyshminskaya Pticefabrika.

Some systems as FML do not have counterparts in the world. In the beginning, development and adoption of the FML systems had some problems because of the complexity of the task. Nevertheless, today we can that with certainty say the task has been carried out and we have a stable, safe and qualitative product. An FML allows adjusting brightness of the systems based on the compact fluorescent lamps giving possibility to set technological programs during the whole term of poultry breeding. Many secret technologies and the newest electronic components have been used in the dimmer FMS. We set the developing department a task to develop a device without ventilators. The task was successfully fulfilled thanks to correctly matched power components that are produced today by the only one company in the world.

It is important to note that the ventilators are absent in all the devices produced before. As known, a ventilator is subject to breaks more than other components. Besides, it promotes large amounts of dust from poultry houses. The exception of ventilators allows lengthening service life of our products to more than 10 years and raising the protection from dust to the maximum.

The most modern controlling algorithms are used in our control systems, such as PID control or FuzzyLogic. Only our lighting systems have feedback with the help of the indicator light. The feedback guarantees illumination despite dust on the lamps, variation in the number of lamps and any other change in the lighting system.

It is worth to notice that the luminous flux of any fluorescent lamp declines by 30% in the first 1000 hours of work. For the systems without feedback, you will have to adjust it every day. An original patent suspension clip for lighting systems based on the line lamps allows using lamps vertically and horizontally. When servicing the lamps can be turned horizontally.

The variety of the lighting systems in the production is very wide. And customer can choose the system he is interested in. The systems are of different classes, from simple to premium, with the possibility to control illumination (up to 1-100% in the premium class systems), with levels of control depending of the poultry type, with different energy saving and price. High price if the premium class systems is not a disadvantage, though the system Svedios is the most expensive it will result in the maximum economy in the next years.

There also duplication of the manual and automatic control for some of the systems should be mentioned.



Ilana N. Pogorelenko
Financial Inspector


The Control Panel for Spiral Feeder Ivelsy® SPF

The chain feeder may be used in different types of the poultry houses and is made for running the feeding process of one spiral feed-distributing line.